As you can see, no injury has resulted from throwing an axe! It’s the whole picking up an axe thing that’s caused injuries…
Please follow rule number 7 below!


  1. Listen to your coach
  2. Sign a waiver
  3. Only two throwers and an axe coach in the throwing area
  4. Closed-toed shoes required
  5. Only touch the axe handle
  6. Retrieve your own axe only after both axes have been thrown and have settled
  7. Check axe handle for rogue splinters or damage
  8. Wiggle the handle up and down to remove the axe
  9. Stop immediately if someone says “HOLD” or “FREEZE”
  10. You may only participate if you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Check back for more information on “will the axe jump back and hit me?!” Short answer: no, it won’t because we don’t have axes with rubber handles ’round these parts.

The open-air trailer felt very safe during these Covid times. There was plenty of room in the trailer to be a safe distance from your axe throwing opponent while having a great time together.

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